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How to Promote your app?

In the recent years, there have been so many APP in the market on both Google Play Store and iOS app store, the competition is tough and is even getting tougher than ever.

Now, as a founder/marketer of app what should be done to showcase your app & mark your presence. All we need to do start with basics and climb each step of the app marketing.
What are these basics of the app marketing? Who will tell us what to do and how to do the same? These questions act as nightmare sometimes.

Get the 8 things on board for your marketing plan and you are right there to launch your APP in the market.

Microsite: The first thing you need to do is to get a Microsite created for the APP and inform the potential customers about the APP, its features, and its benefits. This will help your target audience to know more about the APP and decide for their next step.

For creating a simple website for app, you can use free tool like created by @

Blogs: The next thing on the board should be blogging. Create your own blogs and link them to the microsite or post comments on other related blogs with links to get effective visitors to your site.

You can easily create simple blogs like or using

Content Marketing: This is one of crucial steps of all, which will have articles posting, forums participation and Search Engine optimized content for the Microsite. The synchronization in your content on different portals and platforms will enable your prospective customer make better decision.

Social Media: In today’s marketing scenario, Social Media plays an indispensable role in the marketing of products and services. Friends, use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc for the promotion of APP.

Get#Hash Tag for APP, upload pictures on Flickr or pin them on Pinterest. Engage your customers on facebook and twitter and see the magic. Start a discussion on Linkedin within the related groups and grab attention of the industry leaders!

Promotional Video: We have seen trailers and promotional videos for movies and television shows, then why not a promotional video for an APP. Introduce your APP with a style and let your target group get attracted to your app immediately.

You can quickly build an promotional app video using

Contests and Games: Start a contest for your customers and promote it through various channels. This will help you keep an active and healthy interaction with your users.

Get your APP reviewed: Share a free copy of the APP with various reviewers in the industry (i.e. top bloggers, tech early users/adopters, etc) and get it reviewed as soon as possible after the launch. This enhances your credibility and your future prospects will not hesitate in buying your product.

Press Release: Now, it’s time to go loud and let everyone hear about your new App coming up in the market. Reach out to media and get your App publicity as much as possible. For this, identify the top relevant publishers in your network who are covering similar startup or tech sectors. For e.g. if you are only launching android app, it would be good idea to contact publishers who covering android app only, and not to publishers who covers iOS app or web app.

One of the most important thing for early startup is to spread the word out, and reach out to PR to get your startup mentioned in their publication/blog etc, this will help get higher visibility of your product.

here is list of 120+ top places to pitch your startup to promote

App Listing: Get your App listed on top quality startup blogs and directories, it helps you to put your startup in front of active community with active early adopter user base, which also help to get early feedback, potential press/pr mention and increase traffic with good quality back-links.

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