What is Pitchmantra all about?

Pitchmantra is Tech Startup's online marketing platform to deliver their startup pitch instantly to 100+ tech publishers, and submit startup details on 25 top startup listing sites.

How exactly this work??

Based on our software, we create pre-filled pitch email instantly and its ready to tweak and send to tech publishers/blogs, we automatically create a email for you based on the details provided, however we encourage you to write/edit a personalize pitch/launch email, to send it to various publisher/tech blog audience.

We also submit your startup details on 25 top startup listing sites.

Can i use this for unrelease or beta products??

sure. thing

how about for products already released?

yes, absolutely

what products are published here?

iOS, android and web apps

Will i come to know if publishers have read the email

yes, under dashboard > myaccounts > logs you can see the list of publishers and their delivery/read status.

How is the publisher list compiled?

It is hand curated list, we have browsed in detailed through 900+ sites, and selected only around 140 top and best sites for based on relevance for submitting your startup pitch to publishers.

Is this publisher list updated?

Yes, every month we update our publisher list, so that we send it to accurate and most up to date email address

how can we contact you if we got a new publisher/tech blogger to add to the list?

"The publisher can signup themselves on our site thru http://www.pitchmantra.com/publisher/signup. or send an email to hello@pitchmantra.com from the email id they want to receive awesome pitches everyday"

whats so special about this service?

You have worked crazy hard on your product to launch and show it to the world, so now its time to reach out to Press. We help you source the best hand curated list of sites and emails where your pitch email can be send to, We help save you tons of time by preparing the work for you.

I have had a good contacts in PR and publisher community, so why i should use this service?

Good question, this platform is for someone who either do not have enough contact in PR or wants to ensure reach out to 100+ publishers at once and get their startup listed in top startup directories in a time and cost efficient manner. However even if you have enough contact, Sending personal email is definitely a much better way of getting some exposure. However you work directly with journalist in your network and also cover the long list by sending a press release. best of both worlds.

Pricing: why is it $49 and not $299 or $499?

We want to make it accessible for those who might not yet see the value of PR. Making it expensive will be more beneficial for us as a company, but the target audience needs a lower entry barrier.

Will I able to choose the category of product?

Yes, definitely, you can choose the product categories from itune app, android app, web app, that you would like to pitch.

How many categories I can choose?

You can choose maximum 1 category per product type, and maximum 3 publisher types per email.

Is listing startup on 25 top startup directory is included in price above?

Yes absolutely, the price of $49 is for both pitching your startup to top tech publisher and also listing your site on startup directories.

How is the startup listing sites curated ?

Similar to the publisher list, we have gone thru 100+ startup directories and shortlisted only the one which are active with good active user base and based on country/product categories covered.

How soon the pitch will be send and listing will be done ?

Pitch email to publisher is sent immediately after confirmation of successful payment, you can see the real time details of publisher's delivered/read and click status in dashboard > logs. We will manually submit your startup details to directories in 3 days time from the day of payment. If anytime you have any quesiton you can reach out to us at hello@pitchmantra.com Also, we may reach out to you via email if we need more information from you to submit your startup information.

What is the conversion rate of pitch email to press coverage?

Our value proposition is pitch email distribution service to hundreds of journalists, tech bloggers, books retailer, books publisher, book reviewers, users, etc. Getting coverage in press will entirely based on product quality, how is pitch email crafted. etc

What payment methods are supported?

Pay securely. We support PayPal and Credit Card, we use Paypal as payment gateway and do not store any credit card related information on our server. However if your card issuing country is not supported by paypal payment gateway, you can write to us at hello@pitchmantra.com and we can suggest alternative mode of payment.

For further inquiries...

Feel free to email us at hello@pitchmantra.com